Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Post for the Year 2015

Hi Lovelies!!!

It's been a long while since I was last in here. I missed you guys.

On my way to work, I was trying to recap my highlights/ achievements for the year. Unfortunately, I could not recall much. However, Yesterday, I made a feat of driving across the 3rd Mainland bridge. This bridge is one I always feared being on. But my Colleague, gave me his car and insisted I drove home- take about conquering one's fears.

I attempted my professional exams this year. Although I had a reference, I was glad I made effort to write it. I will be concluding it in March 2016, by the grace of God...and if i'm serious enough to pick my books and start reading. I can't say I gave my best in my first attempt. I was too lazy to read. I also tried cutting cost, by avoiding any paid tutorials. Those monies, i will still have to spend, even more, talk about penny wise pound foolish.

I met some people this year, guys actually. They basically are coming for marriage, and of course, some for flings. On this topic, I'll pass, because I really don't like any of them. The one I somehow loved, an architect like me, did something that made me wary. Asked me for a loan of 100k in only two weeks of knowing him. That was like a bad sign. But i still think about him. and I have not been able to like anyone else since then. There is even one who my family sorta likes. He's based in Warri, with a good job. He's also quite generous and maybe caring, but he irritates me. I hate the way he speaks and he's darn ugly. He dresses OK, but there's no love for him. I feel pressure from my people about him. He has some scores to settle with me, cos I discovered somethings about his past he lied about. I hate liars.

I guess I'll stop here, but let me drop one major resolution for next year. 

I will not allow envy of jealousy take hold of me. I happy and comfortable with who I am, what I have. I know who I am.

Wishing You and Amazing, Awesome 2016.