Monday, May 20, 2013

Going Natural.

I really can't remember the last time I used relaxers on my hair, But I remember wanting to lock (artificial) my hair for the Christmas last year 2012. I ended up not locking it anyway, can't remember the reason, probably, my hair wasn't due enough to rock the hair style. Anyway, I'll assume, the last time I retouched was in September 2012. This is because, I bought the attachment I intended to use for Christmas  way before the season (cos of the usual outrageous increase in prices prevalent within that period). Funny enough, I got the wrong attachment for the dread lock, instead the one I got was for Kinky braids. In January when I thought my hair was due enough to be locked, I went to the salon, that was when I discovered my mistake. I however still went ahead with the kinky. Before this though, I met, a Naturalista at a religious function, and told her about my intention of locking. She however advised me not to lock, but rather, just go natural, so that I can be at liberty to play more with the hair. I reasoned with her. So on January 15th 2014, I made, my kinky braids and loved it. 

Below is a picture, immediately after I made the hair.

The following is me rocking the hair at work

I did the Kinky thing for the second consecutive time, this time wasn't as nice as the first, because I used the same attachment. The first I carried for two month, The second for a month. Then I did the Ghana weave of my previous post

I took off this Ghana weave on Saturday morning. Washed my hair  myself on Saturday night. While conditioning, I grabbed a scissors and started trimming the relaxed ends, not the tiny trim I normally do, but large chunk of hair. I guess I just couldn't wait to rock just my natural hair, Was already tired of the transitioning thingy,

Anyways, I ended up with this



Finally, After trying out how I would wear the hair to work, I settled with this.

...and Yes, I got lots of complements and stares. lol

Natural hair Rocks baby!