Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ghana Weaves and Natural hair

Over a week ago, May 1st to be precise, I went to the hair salon to make myself a nice braid.  I settled for the Ghana Weave, "shuku" style. Actually, this hair was in preparation for an interview I had the coming Friday (Will gist you more about it here).

I went there with my own Xpression attachment, after negotiation, I was billed Two thousands Naira (N2000). The hair took me an average of three hours with one person doing the actual Ghana weave and another working on the ends. 

Shuku Ghana Weaving.
Tomorrow will make it two weeks since I made this braids. It's pretty rough at the front for a hairdo this old. Though the ends are still neat and can go another two weeks, but the front is crying "Take me off!!". Yes, I will take you off by weekend !!(That's me crying back to the hair, to please arrange herself till weekend, when I'll take her off).

My conclusion is just that, natural hair and Ghana weaves, really don't go together, that is if you intend rocking the hair for a long while.

Kinky rules!