Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OB, I love you...edited note in red

I write down this heading and I'm smiling to myself....OB, my OB.

It's been a while I wrote about you. Not like I've forgotten about you (though I've convinced myself to do that many times before), It's just that I haven't gotten around to blogging about it.

You're still like a mystery to me... you're still ever present in my life... you're still the one I call Obim, you're still the one I love

Yes, I feel like I understand you well enough but I still wish I could trust you more than I do right now.

Maybe you don't know, but I once trusted you (and you, me) until I did something, and you did something and we both lost the trust we had for each other. It still shows in our conversations...the lack of trust, but then you always say you were kidding.

These past weeks, you've been out of this world, you've been what I wished you had been since I met you. You call everyday, you helped me out when I was down financially (I had to really beg sha!) and then yesternight, you said you love me-something you've not said in forever. I think I've said that phrase to you too before but over a conversation. 

OB, I love you...and this I love you is not just a feeling, it's a choice I want to make.

Should I make it?

If you ever read this can you leave your answer here or  tell me in person or over the phone..or in a text, Just tell me Chioma Make that choice.I'll understand what you mean.    Don't bother! (I've seen the future)

Bye bye Twitter link

I used to link this blog to my twitter account, but that was when I wasn't really active on twitter and then my followers where actually strangers. But now, I'm being followed by people who know me and I really don't want them reading all about me and the happenings in my life.

I use to write on a book journal before, but this online stuff seem to be more fun so I started writing here, though not as regularly as I used to write on my book... but honestly, the book was deeper cos I wrote everything- No remix, no half truth. but that was because no one was allowed to touch.
But Online, I try to be more decent which is killing me (grrh!)....but what is one to don't want to be washing your dirty linens outside.

If they stumble upon this blog by chance, No problem!

I choose Hapiness

(Talking to myself) I should be happy.
No I choose happiness. Yes that's it! I choose to be happy, no matter the circumstances. 

That's the way I have programmed my mind. No matter what I come up against, I'll stay happy, hard as it may but happiness I choose. Even though I might not be all smiley -I don't know how to smile- but my mind stays happy, my mind, that's what matters.

I've tried alot to keep a smiley face even when looking at myself in the mirror, but it seems like hard-work. I really don't mind a straight face but then people term it frowning, so what am I to do?