Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Outing

My birthday was like three weeks ago but it was only last Sunday (two days ago) that I was able to take my neighbors (who are my friends now) and my cousins out, to Alpha beach. The Journey there was phew! I hired a cab to take us from the house to Alpha beach at a price, but after a while the cab driver was like should he turn now? I was like turn to where? We are not there yet! He was like is it not this 'new road' I was referring to? And I was like, but I described where I was going, Alpha beach at New road after Chevron! And he screamed "Ha! If na that place your money no reach oh! I was like "how e no go reach?"

Truthfully, the price he gave was quite cheap but not the outrageous price he was now calling. He anyway refused to come down and I refused to go up more than I thought was normal. So I told him to just drop us at Ajah bus stop so we could just hop on a transit bus (which will help us save lot of cash) and continue on our journey. Anyways, my 'friends' talked to him in their language (yoruba) and he agreed to collect what I proposed. But He still foolishly didn't know the place, so It was when he passed the 'new road' that I was like" Oga we've passed the place now" and He goes like "why you no talk?" I told him that he should have said he didn't know the place. ... And for a Cab driver to say he doesn't know where Alpha beach is, he must be really silly (I didn't tell him this part though)? So drove away from the new road for a long while and then we suddenly hit a serious traffic (BTW the road was demarcated so you can't make a U-turn ) till we got to the round about. Then he angrily dropped us at the new road junction and refused to take us inside to alpha beach. Anyways, I was already pitying him and all the gas and time he'd wasted during the traffic. I didn't really remember how far it was from the new road junction to the beach, I actually thought we could leg it, so we started legging it but it the beach did not come into sight, so we decided to pick one of this keke, but there was no vacant one in sight.
We thought of stopping private cars for a ride, but lever no gree us. Finally, my younger neighbor summoned courage and topped a young guy who was riding solo. While in his car he started a conversation by asking our names, from there I and him started rapporing (rapport) cos we found out we went to the same primary school. He even took us pass the entrance gate to the beach and paid our entrance fee. Nice guy, he had to represent sha, since he said he works in Chevron-big boy.

This are some of the pictures I took of them, too bad I didn't get to enter cos I was behind the camera. I bought them fish and we came with our own drinks and biscuit. it was fun sha!

Going back, I fashied the idea of a charter cab, cos I knew  the price would be outrageous. So we took a bus instead and then a normal taxi (not charter). The cab we entered had this smell it seems only I could perceive. later, my neighbors were harassing the driver that he did not have  side mirrors in is cab, and the driver was defending himself that he did not need the mirrors to drive and he has been driving for over ten years..bla bla bla. I've been driving for over a decade too and the people who put those side mirrors definitely did it for a reason.Anyways, amiss all the argument, (I did not partake in it cos I was really tired), he committed some erroneous driving and the jeep he offended was trying to prove a point and there was an accident (the jeep bashed his own bumper, next time he should learn to control his temper) when our cab driver saw what he'd caused(what he would have avoided if he had his side mirrors) he zoomed off and we his passengers were all screaming to drop us and run away on his own. He finally did after he'd lost sight of the jeep. So we hurriedly dashed down and took another cab home. bla bla bla. It was a fun sha anyways.

chopping fish lol!

Blessed givers

Got to the office today in a wonderful mood reasons:
1. I decided (on Sunday-two days ago) to start being serious at work starting Yesterday-Monday.
2. I did not miss my free ride like yesterday ..and I got a prospective PP- ie something to put some extra change in my pocket.
3. I felt comfortable in the clothes I put on, unlike yesterday while rushing to catch the free ride, I mistakenly put on my clothes inside out. also the clothes didn't really match.

Ok! So I was in a wonderful mood today.
Got to the office and started watching a movie (wrong way to start) till DO came and guess what? He got me a pack of juice. I was like Whoa! (should I be writing this, I don't know, I just feel like it's been a while since I wrote something here!)

Anyways I was really surprised, considering I yabbed him alot yesterday or did I? His a nice guy sha...and shy.

I'll call her NB, she's a colleague of mine, beautiful but smallish with a killer figure. I think DO likes her, too bad, she's taken. That's BTW, so she came in and gave me a perfume. Whoa! again....  fragrance was tight men!

I'm really blessed. I feel blessed and loved, yeah loved.

Also umbrellas were distributed in the office, so I got one-another gift. (boring story ba?)

Looks like stories of OB seem to be more interesting. Anyway, he's annoyed me enough that I don't think he deserve to be written about. He's just a Libra to the bone marrow. I was reading about stars and their characteristics last weekend and OB is like I said a true libra. ..and honestly I don't think I can cope or tolerate that attitude. So I rather back out now and start chasing a new cause or course (whatever!). Libra's are talk, talk talk, no action. Flirty by nature, just love having fun. They have class though and make friends with people with class too.

Gat to get back to work, Later.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new attraction

I can't remember if I wrote about OB and the girl(J) in his office he always used to talk about till it went to the extent of him kissing her. Now I understand what it means to start developing affections for someone you spend lots of time with. 

Ok, the thing is that I fear it's happening to me now. There's this guy in my office whom I am getting fond of. He's nice, generous (he got me Mars chocolate and pringles yesterday) and really ambitious. It shows in the way he commits to his work. I really wish i could be like him in that area.

 Today, even my "play play husband" in the office started asking questions querying the closeness between I and him-I'll call him DO. Cos we went out to lunch together under the rain...and you know what rain does to people. Lol at me.

I come to work really early, that you know, and he comes really early too. So whenever I get to the office I keep wishing he does not take ages in showing up. He has this kinda shy look about him. And,(lol!) the elderly colleague by work station just smiles anytime he sees me with DO.

Ok that the end f my story, Lunch's over, I need to get back to work.

In summary, I'm not one who cheats!

Friday, April 13, 2012

When will it be my turn?

Logged on to Facebook this morning and guess what stared me in the face? Traditional wedding pictures of a colleague in school. What struck me was that I didn't see it coming-like you know when girls start posting pictures of their boyfriends/fiancee on Facebook. But she didn't do any of that. she was coded which is cool. 

Another thing that struck is that I'm way older than her and I felt this pinch like, Chioma what are you  doing wrong? 

Anyways I'm not in a hurry besides I've not seen the one I like who thinks I'm worthy to become his wife. So, I'm just chilling till then. But when it would really hurt is when my younger sisters, who are of age now, start getting married. My mum has already told my immediate younger one not to wait for me(that thought still hurts). I've even told her myself not to wait for me. 

I'll settle when I find someone close to what I need.My Dad told me two years ago that there was no perfect person (that I know). He also said if I see someone who scores like 3/10, that the person is good enough and we can grow and improve ourselves. My Mum was there that day and she was like noooo oh! 3 is too low. 4/10 is ok! So I'm still waiting for "my" 4/10. 

...still sailing, Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Look

Yeah! I've got a new look to my blog!
It took me time oh! BTW I really find it hard to understand (assimilate) things these days - don't know if it old age oh! God help me sha. 

I've still not arrived at what I want (I'm talking about my blog design), but I'll get there....and you would love it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

28 and 3 days old.

I wrote something on my birthday (7th April), but I lost it. So here I am again wondering what to put up. 
I have this strong urge to write, to blog, to teach, but I don't know how to start. Even if I know, It jut feels like there isn't enough hours in a day to execute these urge.

Ok, I'll write about my Easter hols.
On Good Friday, a public holiday, OB called me to join him and some friends of his at the beach. I got really excited and told him I was coming. Just that I forgot I was suppose to go for Good Friday mass. I had told my Aunt that I was going to church only to turn around and say I was going out instead. then she said 'hioma takee your God seriously'. It touched me. So I called up OB and told him I would not be able to make it. But if we could hang out at the beach on our own the next day. He said, hanging out on the beach without a crowd will be boring. If you  ask me, I don't think so. it will simply be romantic.

Anyway, after every, I was to spend part of the Easter with him. So on Easter Sunday afternoon, I packed my things for work on tuesday and left for OB's place. He asked me to come along with food, which I did.

On geting to his place, i met his elder brother at the gate with a bucket of fried rice, I gesture to help and he told me to help him with a bunch of plantain from the booth  of his car. When i got in, I saw OB lying on the couch watching TV (of course, what else does he do?). I felt sad when I thought OB would ignore my 
'humble rice and stew'  for the fried rice his brother brought. I virtually hid the rice I brought in the kitchen  while the one his brother brougt was displayed on the dining table. But OB went for the one in the kitchen, He ate it completely. If only one would have seen the joy in my heart. 'Little thing he does;- that make me love him more. Later we went out to join some of his friends later we came back home...and so on and so forth.

Next day, Easter Monday, I had OB had a Little argument (very usual), so he left me at home and went out. His brother later came and asked what we were having for breakfast, then finally came up with what he wanted me to prepare. So we settled for Indomie with fried eggs. Thank God I did not mess up the cooking.
Later that morning his sister came back from their parents place. Around noon. I told her I wanted to go see my cousins were I used to stay, so she asked me to help her purchase some stuff on my way back. I called up my aunt to inform her that I was on my way to her house, She told me they were not home but were on their way back but Chika was home. So I got to the house and met Chika and while chatting, I fell asleep. I woke up minutes later and they were not yet back. I called her back and she said they were close. There was no meed to hurry since OB who I called was not even anywhere close to coming home. 
Finally they arrive and I took the Kids who I came to see to grab a cake and drink. I missed Ebuka, my baby. But I had to go, to my sweetheart OB (or is he? for  now though). I got the things I was asked to get by OB's sister. Then I got home and watched a movie, played some games sent a text to OB that I was going home. He came home later and said he went to see his parents and besides, his phone was switched off. We went out on our own that evening. and bla bla bla.


When I got to work today, Someone said I looked sad, and I asked myself why? I answered it.
 I miss OB, I wish I'd always have to return home to him everyday!