Friday, March 16, 2012

We run the World!

I'm not trying to sound arrogant or proud. 

It's not like I don't need a man in my life,i just think that he needs me more than I need him . Afterall, God saw how lonely Adam was before he took out a rib from him to form Eve(the one who would complete him). In essence, he was made incomplete and then completed with Eve. 

Ladies! It's the man alone(by the grace of God that knows who will complete him.). 
Listen, the man must choose you first. You can't choose him. He does the choosing first, and it's only then you can make your choice. You can decide to choose him back or you wait to be choosen again. 

But first of all make sure you are happy with who and what you are, then try to place yourself in places (good places) where you will be seen/found.

Whoever sees you as his missing rib will definitely choose you.

Yeah a major problem is that some men don't know what they lack or are missing. That's why couples fall out after the man discovers the woman they are with is not who they should be with. 

So ladies, when a man chooses you, you still have a lot of background checks to do. You need to be sure the man knows himself. Cos if he doesn't know himself, how would he know what he's lacking inside of him.

Ladies you have alot of work to do.

I'll continue on this some other time Ciao.