Friday, March 9, 2012

A word is enough for the wise, a little action, says it all.

I've had a lot going on this week. No thanks to the weekend past. All the fun....

Today, I couldn't take it aany longer so I went to seek professional help at the general hospital. I was fortunate to see a physician without having to wait years. After I explain what I thought was wrong with me he send me to the Lab to run a test. This morning, OB called me, out of concern(I guess). While I was at the hospital waiting room, I logged on facebook chat and saw him online, so I started a conversation. Anyway, the issue of money came up and he "planked" me. He stopped responding. when I asked if he was still online he responded, then I gave him a piece of my mind in the most diplomatic manner I could think of. Then, he started saying that he does not undersand what I mean by "you always act funny when money is mentioned" Anyway we talked about other things but his response takes time, I know he's not a fast typist but even a 5 year old can respond faster than he does. Anyway, I told him (something he know but refuses to believe) that I was really broke and if I could get some cash from him today, and then guess what? HE WENT OFFLINE.

Such is the person I call boyfriend and wish to spend the rest of my life with. Mtchew... Chioma wise up!

He came online later at about 3:15pm, then he asked how ie, how do I intend to get the money? Anyways I don't know whether to hate on him or just allow him display his true selfl. Besides, the internet connection in his office's not so reliable or he was so busy, anything could be possible for his logging off.

Anyways, my love still goes out to you, it's up to you to take or leave it. The good thing being that I know what I want from a marriage-bound relationship and this(I'm sure) is not it.