Monday, February 27, 2012

But, Seriously...

I don't like how he calls my name, but when he calls me Maama, it feels like the best name ever. He hasn't called in days and I stopped counting. Guess I'm out of his mind but he sure aint out of mine!

 I'm waiting on God, I requested something from him and I'm hoping for the result this week. I've decided (yesterday) to leave my options open. It doesn't have to be OB or anyone, but someone who is caring, who loves and respect God, who is smart and intelligent, funny, charming and lots more. He should be comfortable already and ready to put a ring on my finger. 

Gone are the days where I fall for the guy "with prospect"-Please, who doesn't have prospect? Mtchew, they will break your hear. The guys who are ready are way better. It's funny how what I miss the most about OB are his friends. They are intelligent and funny people. I miss his siblings too, they are cool and up-to-date. What else? em mm, I know what's on my mind right now, but I won't say that here, It's really personal. .........So..........., Nothing else!