Saturday, December 24, 2011

The journey home

The journey was a very stressful one, no thanks to the season – which is the reason everyone is traveling home. Getting to the park was not so difficult, though we did not get the free ride we anticipated (from a friend of mine who initially showed interest in me and later met my sister and showed same), the idea of a free ride was my sister’s though.
We got to the park and bought our ticket for Warri without the stress the people heading for Port Harcourt were facing. Their own queue was really long and then the available buses were like 4 or 5.
Our own bus had lot of space dedicated to parcels and the luggage’s of passengers especially of a woman who actually bought two extra seats for them.  We set out around 8am and had a smooth ride till we got to the popular ore. Our driver thought he was so smart when he joined some other buses in following a “supposed” short cut.