Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On my way to the office on the last working day of the year.

Somehow,(I know it happens to you too) I watched my self wake up late, 40 mins after my alarm went off. By then I knew I was already late for morning mass, so I decided to heat up my meal of the previous night and sat down comfortably to eat it while gisting with my sister. My aunt joined us later in the conversation. Anyways, I heard the sound of our neighbours car, and hurried to catch the free ride...I did a little gate man job for him too (lol).

BTW: Yesterday, I left the office by 5pm, 30 mins earlier than closing time. this was to enable me get to my former office to pick up a pp from a former colleague, Felix. The traffic there was crazy and I did not want to start thinking of the one I will experience when I finally head for home. When I got to the office, it was wearing a new look, Christmas look though the decorating was a little drab. Honestly it was drab (I know you'd be saying it's none of my business, I know!!). There was a lot of activity going on there with the packaging and dispatching of Christmas gifts to client...anyways, they still found time (and space) to hug me and scream all the I miss you and stuff. I popped my head into my former boss' office and threw away a good evening, his response was emmm... let me say "just there". Before I forget, all the staff, maybe I need glasses oh, but they were kinda looking thinner than the last time I saw them.( or maybe I am now used to seeing fresher people, Lol.) . Anyways, they all got back to work, and I did the business that brought me there and which will take me there today again then I left. I still have some of my property there. I will find time definitely next year to go pick it (them) up. I miss them too but guy, I have moved on to higher ground. Like they were saying yesterday, Levels don change.

.........hehehe now you got me singing that song, " levels done change now, you no fit score me again, now I'm ten over ten....yeah...