Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here I am in my new place of work, wishing and hoping that the three weeks-long break starts soon. Anyways, why the hurry, it's just tomorrow and then I am freeeeee. I so love this place compared to my former place of work where the vacation is just two weeks in a whole year. Here, it is four weeks. three wweeks during the xmas/ new year and one week anyother time of the year. Isn't that cool?

I can't wait to travel home (Warri) to see my peeps but on the other hand, I don't want to spend the whole three weeks in that city cos I have plans of learning photoshop which will help me in my new place of work. That means, staying with my family in Warri will only be more of sleeping and adding the weight I so much desire. Anyways, I am not complaining, I am making inquiries so that I will be able to maximise the holiday in Warri. Photoshop I must learn.

This morning, before I started to blog, I learnt something new on revit. Yesterday I also learnt something new too. That means I am a better revit user now, abi? Anyways, my boss, not the one that hired me, his partner, is still not impressed with my work. So God help me!!