Saturday, December 24, 2011

The journey home

The journey was a very stressful one, no thanks to the season – which is the reason everyone is traveling home. Getting to the park was not so difficult, though we did not get the free ride we anticipated (from a friend of mine who initially showed interest in me and later met my sister and showed same), the idea of a free ride was my sister’s though.
We got to the park and bought our ticket for Warri without the stress the people heading for Port Harcourt were facing. Their own queue was really long and then the available buses were like 4 or 5.
Our own bus had lot of space dedicated to parcels and the luggage’s of passengers especially of a woman who actually bought two extra seats for them.  We set out around 8am and had a smooth ride till we got to the popular ore. Our driver thought he was so smart when he joined some other buses in following a “supposed” short cut.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I honestly thought tax is suppose to be 5% of ones gross pay. I will describe what I am feeling now as "really dissappointed".

Reason: I just received my first paycheque today and the amount deducted as tax was wooping. 5 grand is not a small somethinh oh, I honestly calculated 3500. On top of that too is the pension contribution which in my appointment letter, they said has not yet started. But lo and behold another 5 grand deduction. So the take home is just 4 grand above what "I earned previously".

How sad!!

On my way to the office on the last working day of the year.

Somehow,(I know it happens to you too) I watched my self wake up late, 40 mins after my alarm went off. By then I knew I was already late for morning mass, so I decided to heat up my meal of the previous night and sat down comfortably to eat it while gisting with my sister. My aunt joined us later in the conversation. Anyways, I heard the sound of our neighbours car, and hurried to catch the free ride...I did a little gate man job for him too (lol).

BTW: Yesterday, I left the office by 5pm, 30 mins earlier than closing time. this was to enable me get to my former office to pick up a pp from a former colleague, Felix. The traffic there was crazy and I did not want to start thinking of the one I will experience when I finally head for home. When I got to the office, it was wearing a new look, Christmas look though the decorating was a little drab. Honestly it was drab (I know you'd be saying it's none of my business, I know!!). There was a lot of activity going on there with the packaging and dispatching of Christmas gifts to client...anyways, they still found time (and space) to hug me and scream all the I miss you and stuff. I popped my head into my former boss' office and threw away a good evening, his response was emmm... let me say "just there". Before I forget, all the staff, maybe I need glasses oh, but they were kinda looking thinner than the last time I saw them.( or maybe I am now used to seeing fresher people, Lol.) . Anyways, they all got back to work, and I did the business that brought me there and which will take me there today again then I left. I still have some of my property there. I will find time definitely next year to go pick it (them) up. I miss them too but guy, I have moved on to higher ground. Like they were saying yesterday, Levels don change.

.........hehehe now you got me singing that song, " levels done change now, you no fit score me again, now I'm ten over ten....yeah...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here I am in my new place of work, wishing and hoping that the three weeks-long break starts soon. Anyways, why the hurry, it's just tomorrow and then I am freeeeee. I so love this place compared to my former place of work where the vacation is just two weeks in a whole year. Here, it is four weeks. three wweeks during the xmas/ new year and one week anyother time of the year. Isn't that cool?

I can't wait to travel home (Warri) to see my peeps but on the other hand, I don't want to spend the whole three weeks in that city cos I have plans of learning photoshop which will help me in my new place of work. That means, staying with my family in Warri will only be more of sleeping and adding the weight I so much desire. Anyways, I am not complaining, I am making inquiries so that I will be able to maximise the holiday in Warri. Photoshop I must learn.

This morning, before I started to blog, I learnt something new on revit. Yesterday I also learnt something new too. That means I am a better revit user now, abi? Anyways, my boss, not the one that hired me, his partner, is still not impressed with my work. So God help me!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Year-end at-hand

Wow! barely three weeks to the new year and here I am again.
I don't even know how to start but I guess I should just state how I feel right now.....FRUSTRATED. Yes I am frustrated with a lot of things but deep down I still have hope though I am very unsure of when my salvation will be.

I am 27 now and next year April 7th precisely, I will be 28 and what do I have to show for it...Nothing!!

Shit!! How bad can it get. I am not married, my bank account still reads zero, I still put up with shit from relatives I stay with and can't even afford my own crib.

I'm hopeful though, cos I think I have actualised the first step in getting a better life, which is changing my Job.
Yeahhh.!!  At least that alone is worth celebrating, because to achieve all what I have set and dreamt, getting a good job was my first aim.

Also, with this new job came an added advantage, MORNING MASS. I'm a catholic though  not a strong one.
My new office is so close to the cathedral, in fact a 5 mins walk . So I have the opportunity of going for morning mass before coming to work. But there is a thing to it. Considering where I live now is very far from were I work , so to get to work which starts by 8.30amm, I have to leave the House by 6.00am, but since Mass is by 6.30, I have to wake up by 4- 4.30 and leave the house by 5am or else I will be late for mass. So I have a very huge sacrifice to make..My sleep.

BTW, It's been a long while since I have been here but I think I let you know that I was thrown out of my Aunt's place the one I was staying with in Gbagada. She got tired of my late night homecoming and also my I-don't-care attitude. But honestly, that is the only way I can stand her. She is so rude and arrogant and staying with her only drives me nuts. Anyway, I have moved in with my other Aunt though most of my things are still in the previous place. I am happier here, though there is a major problem, where I stay now is miles from civilisation, lol, miles from my place of work, so I wake up by 4, sometimes 4.30am and I get back by some minutes after nine, no thanks to the traffic on that stupid Ajah road. I really pray they finish that road construction soonest, let us see if it would have any impact on the traffic.

Unhappy me!!!

Then something else that frustrates me is my so-called boyfriend. Oh!!! He's such a ............/ Whatever, everyone says he is not worth it and I deserve better, but I feel he needs my because he seems to be out of focus, not like I am focused either but I think I am better, at least I tryyyyyy to work towards my dreams. On his part, he has lots of wonderful dreams, but all he does is talk and talk and talk, NO ACTION. I just don't want to waste my precious time and youth waiting for a ..................

I said this blog was my journal and there is a lot I want to write about him but I think I rather not for now. The last time he called me was two days ago. Sometimes it stays up to four days, me too I don't burge. He would say he probably putting me to the test to See how caring I am, me too, I am putting him to the test and he has Failed woefully over and over again.

Why am I so unhappy?

Is it the heartbreak I witnessed over three years ago. What could it possibly be? Why am I so bitter?

................................GOD HELP ME