Thursday, January 29, 2015

Welcome Back! Welcome back, Welcome back.

Hey lovelies. I hope I was missed? No way!  ...even a little!? Anyway I missed you guys, so so much. For those who called me to encourage me to blog again, thank you.During my long absence, a fan I had a chat with, told me how he loved my blog. I replied telling him that I didn’t live there anymore, that I now have better days. …that the thought of the guys I blogged about then left a bitter taste. What the fan said thereafter was epic.  He told me,“Write another page, you don’t tear a page from a book because you don’t like the page”. Wow!! Such powerful words.That is the same advice I want with leave with you today.…That your life currently sucks, it’s just part of the story.  It only makes it more interesting. I can’t think of any great man/woman who had it smooth.Catcha later. I’m back baby!