Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to Just Me

Long time peeps. So I broke up yesterday night with the guy I thought was "The One". It was quite emotional for me even though I tried to  feign Calm. He spent the night, he tried to touch but I told him off. This morning, I woke him up and told him he had to leave, I told him I didn't want to leave him inside like I usually did. He beg and pleaded that he needed me in his life and I should not abandon him now. While he packed his stuff, I got so emotional and started crying especially when he left. I burst into a serious fit and he came back hugged me and told me it'll be ok. I told him I was fine, so he left to go again. He told me to see him off to the back door of which I did...then he got emotional (Something told me he was faking it), that was when I regained my cool and stance not to be manipulated with this display of emotions. I had made my stance very clear to him.
1. He should delete the pictures of the lady in question on Facebook
2. He should introduce me to her
3. He should pay me what he owes me
4. Allow me know his place of work.

I'm way shocked even though I saw the signs but I decided to have patience and hang on till I get a clearer picture of thing. I did and He is a terrible lair. I'm really disappointed in him.

Please I just need to move on with my Single Life. When "The One" come fine...If he doesn't even better.