Monday, July 29, 2013

I find it pretty hard to trust guys these days.

Hi Peeps.

I hope the "about to end" July is doing  you well? Do you what to know how it was for me? OK, for me, I would say it was pretty tough-as usual right? Anyways I will get to that later.

What actually bugged my mind this morning to write here was that, while enjoying a glass of cold water and looking out the window of my office, I saw a young man, say age 25, holdig this young girl about the age of 12. It was broad day-light, 11am to be precise, it was in the open light, which means, they probably had nothing to hide, yes, maybe just a brotherly friendly hold on the shoulders. But then, my mind kept pricking me, coupled with all the stories you hear about rape and which seems quite to be on the increase. What did I do? I tried to enter the mind of the guy, trying hard to imagine what he could possibly be telling the little girl, probably, come see me when you're free or whatever. I had to cut myself short from making  further assumptions. Then I saw he let the girl go, probably on an errand she ws sent, while he walked away. My eyes followed the young girl, and I coudn't just help but try to see into her. I wached her steps and the way she walked, hoping it could lend an eviednce to my assumptions. She seemed happy and matured, by matured I mean exposed. I wish, I was four floors below, where I would have tried to make friends with her and possibly one day when she has gaing conficence in me, she would open up. But I can't, I'm too caught up in my own stress to wonder about anyone right now. Work calls and I leave the window consoling myself that I still have time to save lives.

Happy New Month in advance