Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sex! ....still a scary topic.

Ok, I was in the bus going home when a lady behind me asked another woman by my side if she has daughters. The woman was rattled as to the reason for such a question. The lady later replied in a rather awkward way that she want the woman to educate her daughters about Sex. The woman (I smile) was even more shocked at the mention of the word "sex" and replied, rather nervously that her girls are grown up . She refused the pamphlet the lady was handing her, meanwhile the lady continued talking, telling her to use the material to educate any young girl around her about rape , the woman was at the same time insisting she didn't need It, that her girls are married so they can't be raped. Lol. People are still not comfortable when the issue of sex is raised. Phew. Anyways I sharply took the material when it was given me cos I've been in two scenario where I could have been raped but for the divine intervention of God. Once when I was eleven or thereabout and the second was in my fourth year by a friend.

I need all the information I can get about avoiding one because I swear it's not a situation you will wish your enemy. I've healed if not I won't have been able to talk about my near rape experience. There are lots of girls out There, who are in another dimension psychologically because they've been raped and are yet to heal. For penalty, I pass a bill that all rapist be castrated this is because I'm not a fan of the capital punishment. If not...