Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holding on to empty perfume bottles.

So during the weekend I disposed of three empty perfume bottles I've held onto for three years or thereabout. Sure enough, they were kinda ofwhat I will call expensive perfumes. Please note that I didn't buy any myself. One of them, "fantasy" by britney spears was from my aunt. Another, "hugo boss", was from a man that wanted to marry me . Then the third one "lovely" by jessica parker was given to me by my dearest female friend. It was half used anyway and the fragrance is heavenly. So i've been holding on to these bottle for the crazy reason that they are the most expensive I've used.
Does anyone out there do the same?
I love designers perfume but bringing out such huge amount of money to purchase one ain't funny, when there are very good Impostors out there like the "designer impostors" of years back, i don't know if they still exist but there's the "smart" collection now. These guys are good. They give you just that perfect scent for peanuts. And you know what? Even some rich Oil workers stock their dressers with a variety of these smart products.