Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still on Ob matter!

Hi Peeps.

I have wanted to write alot about all I have been through, but because of the time, unavailable internet -we've been limited acces to the internet in the office 1pm-2pm, I couldn't. But something happened yesterday. On my way back home from work ,while inside a Keke, I sighted my Ex, OB driving  through. I was grateful, I was not a few minutes later, if not, chances that he would see be would have been greater. 

Rewind to Last Month or there about,.....

OB had been calling me, telling me stuffs like he dreams about me, asking me what I am putting on including the colour of my underwear. Who does that?...and to your Ex for that matter? He is just one sick dude. Funny enough I looked forward to hearing his voice even though I don't respond to his inappropriate questions. Some months earlier, before his calls became more constant, he called me to tell me he did his introduction the Saturday before. He said he was just calling all his Exes to apologise and ask for forgiveness if he wronged them in anyway. I told him I held no grudge against him and that I am happy in my relationship. He sorta acted amazed that I was in another relationship so soon.  During the call, I felt a little jealous thinking it would have been me the introduction was done for. But After the call was over, I was so sure I was not jealous but rather I was glad to be done and over with him. Marrying OB would be me pulling the trigger on myself. After the call, Something told me he was lying. The OB I know can't settle down now, No! definitely not now. Maybe in the next 10 years but not now. So I realised he just said it to get a reaction from me. Maybe to see if I still had the affections for him.

After that call, his calls became more regular and he saying he would take me out to the movies and bla bla. 

During a session with my Coach, David, I told him about these happenings, and he adviced me as a friend to end all communication with OB until I am ready , when he can have no effect on me, emotionally or otherwise.

So I sent the dude an SMS saying 

" Hi OB, I trust you're good. With no ill intentions, I want you not to call me again. I'm going through a phase and I need absolutely no contact with you. thanks"

So Today..  I was on facebook and saw a post by OB. He talked about me there, actually yabbed me.

"been outta facebook for a while but from a microscopic view, i can just see a world where everyone is living on the Internet! funny though but with badoo,twoo,Bb,twitter, and a host of others. how can we genuinely be real? 

like seriously i get to read a whole bunch of garbage on my page, but hold on!!!!!!!, you who is about to suggest " i'd better change friends" its just damm irritating to have someone who dsnt give a f**k u, ask u vote for a family member to make it into professional football WTF is dat.
i still reside on the side that says there cant be a better decade than the 80's nowadays theres a whole lot shit going on social media like the one you just read!!! whateveaaaaaa!!!"

The text in red is where he threw the jab at me. I shared a link on Facebook, two days ago asking friends to vote for my brother, to who was contesting for an opportunity to partake in a football trial. 

To cut my story short. I'm glad,, I still affect him somehow... Maybe he rally misses me! *Smiles*

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holding on to empty perfume bottles.

So during the weekend I disposed of three empty perfume bottles I've held onto for three years or thereabout. Sure enough, they were kinda ofwhat I will call expensive perfumes. Please note that I didn't buy any myself. One of them, "fantasy" by britney spears was from my aunt. Another, "hugo boss", was from a man that wanted to marry me . Then the third one "lovely" by jessica parker was given to me by my dearest female friend. It was half used anyway and the fragrance is heavenly. So i've been holding on to these bottle for the crazy reason that they are the most expensive I've used.
Does anyone out there do the same?
I love designers perfume but bringing out such huge amount of money to purchase one ain't funny, when there are very good Impostors out there like the "designer impostors" of years back, i don't know if they still exist but there's the "smart" collection now. These guys are good. They give you just that perfect scent for peanuts. And you know what? Even some rich Oil workers stock their dressers with a variety of these smart products.

Dating married Men.

Ok. Was in one of these threads of facebook and the question was how do you tell a married man chasing you off? The best answer in my opinion was by a lady who said she would tell the man to give her sometime so she could contact his wife for approval. Lmao. Some didn't get the lady's joke anyway.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sex! ....still a scary topic.

Ok, I was in the bus going home when a lady behind me asked another woman by my side if she has daughters. The woman was rattled as to the reason for such a question. The lady later replied in a rather awkward way that she want the woman to educate her daughters about Sex. The woman (I smile) was even more shocked at the mention of the word "sex" and replied, rather nervously that her girls are grown up . She refused the pamphlet the lady was handing her, meanwhile the lady continued talking, telling her to use the material to educate any young girl around her about rape , the woman was at the same time insisting she didn't need It, that her girls are married so they can't be raped. Lol. People are still not comfortable when the issue of sex is raised. Phew. Anyways I sharply took the material when it was given me cos I've been in two scenario where I could have been raped but for the divine intervention of God. Once when I was eleven or thereabout and the second was in my fourth year by a friend.

I need all the information I can get about avoiding one because I swear it's not a situation you will wish your enemy. I've healed if not I won't have been able to talk about my near rape experience. There are lots of girls out There, who are in another dimension psychologically because they've been raped and are yet to heal. For penalty, I pass a bill that all rapist be castrated this is because I'm not a fan of the capital punishment. If not...