Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The interview.

If you've been following my blog, I'm sure I would have numerously stated  how poorly paid I am. Well I got an opportunity to improve it and what did I do?

...How it all started....

About two years ago, when I was still with my former employer - Spacetime Consultants, I supervised some Diamond bank projects. One was in Abakaliki and another at Nnewi. Anyway, I left that office before the jobs were completed (later found out that they were never completed.) 

While handling those project, I had the opportunity to correspond with some staff of the Diamond bank  (They represent the client). There was this particular one, I'll call him SU, who was the client's rep in the south eastern zone. So he was the one I was in contact with most of the time.

When I left to my present work place, I heard from a former colleague that Diamond bank too had relocated their Property Department from VI to Lagos Island, somewhere not far from my office building. 

Some weeks later, at the canteen I go to have lunch (with a colleague of mine), I met, this SU, We exchanged pleasantries and all. He paid for my lunch that afternoon. I met him  two more times or thereabout till I stopped going there for lunch- I had discovered a new eatery, that is if I didn't bring my own meal.

The story continues...

I still do go for  Morning mass at the cathedral sometimes. There is this chap I know who goes there too. He went to my university, actually he dated a friend of mine, and he works with Diamond bank-I saw him there those time I went to Diamond bank "years" ago. On this particular day, we left the church the same time-we rarely do cos he usually stays behind to say extra prayers, So while chatting, I asked after colleagues of his who I knew, that was when I found out that SU was no longer with the Bank. I learnt he was now into construction on his own. 

I always had his contact on my phone, so I gave him a call, actually to advertise my interest in getting little jobs from him. Somehow, I can't remember how I said it , but I asked if I could replace him at the bank (I was actually cracking a joke) but he told me to give it a try, that the bank actually needed more hands. He told me who to contact at the office and off I went with my CV.

I'll call the new contact person CY. When I got to the head office, after waiting a while I was ushered in to see him. He was a nice guy and we chatted and he told me that I had to come back to see his boss, who was leaving that day on a two weeks vacation. Two weeks later, I came back and still the boss was not back. I tried again and was in luck. I met him-another nice chap and he directed me to CY for a small interview (earlier CY had warned me not to act like I had met him before, he gave his reasons though). So CY just chatted, nothing like an interview but he told me, I'll be called back for the main interview. He said it might be weeks, it might be months but I'll be called. Although he told me that if I didn't hear anything in two week, I should come back and see his boss. Two weeks later, I came back to see the boss, cos I had not heard from them, the boss told me not to worry, that he had not forgotten me. I asked for his contact number or email but he refused to give it to me, telling me not to worry.

Weeks later on the 29th of April, I got an SMS from the bank calling me for an interview.

"INTERVIEW INVITE- 3/5/13, DB Training Center. 
161D, Raufu Taylor Close, Off Idejo Street, VI, Lagos. 
Pls come with 4CVs, originals&copies of birth cert, O'Level Cert,Degree cert and NYSC cert."

The time was later moved to 11:30am.

I immediately sent CY an SMS telling him that I had been called and asking what to expect on the day. He replied that I should just do my best and everything will be fine.

On the 30th of May, during lunch break, I went in search of a befitting dress for the interview found one but when I tried it at home, I realized it was too short to be decent, so I had to call up the shop and asked if I could exchange. Thankfully, they agreed. The following day 1st of May, when we had a public holiday, I went to exchange the dress for a more decent one and also to purchase a shoe, also got hair extensions because the kinky braids I was on was too old and not-too-presentable. 

While all this was going on, my Aunt who I stayed with at Lakowe, after Ajah, was suppose to be entering the theater for a CS operation. Somehow, she told me not to bother coming that day which afforded me time to do all this running around for my interview. So When I came back from the market,  I later went to the hair salon, made my braids and I believed I was ready for the interview on Friday.

(Thursday My aunt called me that she had been delivered of twins and i could come, I left the office and went over, stayed a while and returned to the office because, I would be taking the next day off from work)

On the Friday  I skipped work, No excuses taken either. While dressing, I was in consultation with my Sis, via Whatsapp, till I thought I was good to go. I got a cab to take me there.

When I arrive the venue and opened the entrance door, behold, I was not the only one who had an interview that day. Mine though was special because others were there for the second phases of their interviews and this was my first time. I waited a long while till finally it got to my turn.

When the door was opened, guess who I saw? CY himself and some others. I sorta lost my confidence then. I guess I was too tensed cos I did not want to disappoint him but disappoint him I did. Even from the onset, because the first question I even failed.

I was asked if I knew the position I was applying for and I said I didn't. Honestly I knew it was in the property unit, but the exact position, I didn't know. CY spoke up for me, and said she's my candidate. One other guy asked me why i should be hired and I began blabbing. CY, trying to help me save face, asked some easier questions but I still answered wrongly. Gosh!

Finally the guy who asked why I could be hire came out straight with me that, he was just doing me a favour  because he thinks I'm smart and intelligent, he suggested I entered the bank through the aptitude test instead of going through what I was doing now because he thinks I don't have the experience this particular job required. I tried to tell them that three years experience was good enough but they insisted that, even if it was good enough, that I didn't display it during the interview. God! I was beaten.

Couple of days later I got this SMS

"Sequel to your recent interview with Diamond Bank, we regret to inform you that you were not successful. Thank you for your interest in Diamond Bank. Regards"

That's my sad story. It didn't end here though, it got better. Catchya later, my hand hurts from typing.