Monday, May 27, 2013

A changing ME- The office

So after my session with my coach, David, I realized that I had set off my career on a wrong foot. In fact at the end of the session, I wished I had heard all that he said in my earlier days. But the truth is I probably would have heard, but never thought it was important.

Please don't ask me what I learnt because right now, I have forgotten, but one decision I made yesterday was to change my sitting position in the office this is so i could dedicate more time to office work instead of always face-booking and twitting and blogging (just like I'm doing now). That is what I learnt. Yes! Adding value to the company! With his help, I arrived at some ways I could add value to the company.

My former self (I pray I never return to her) would just feel bitter inside because, I feel I'm not earning what I deserve, that anger and bitterness of course will affect my output, because, I'm going to exhibit a nonchalant attitude to work, and you know, employers see all these, why then should they bother increasing my pay? When all they think of is profit, and I'm not playing any creative part in the whole process?

Dear Lord, give me the grace to be an assets to the company and not a liability  Please, let me be one, that when I ask for an increase, they increase, in short someone that is almost indispensable to the company.. Amen.