Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My comfort Zone.

I've become so comfortable where I am or have I? No! I'm not..at least psychologically, I'm not. I'm not where I'm suppose to be, but then I find myself relaxing in my present position and angry at the same time for being where I am. Funny enough, I'm the only one who can change my situation...maybe I have been waiting for someone to give me a push (Motivation), but it's not coming. So I've got to push myself, by myself..to where I need/want to be. I don't know If I have ever told you I wanted to go into fashion- for a long while I've had that in mind. I made effort even during service and while I was still in Gbagada with my aunt, but it didn't come through. I even almost got involved (marriage talks) with  someone who had the same passion as I have for fashion (that would have been a grave mistake). I have come up with a business plan-not totally drawn out though, on how to "start" in this passion of mine. I believe if I start there would be no looking back. Come January ending I intend to get the ball rolling with Chiek Couture. lol. Just call me Chiek.

Here is a sketch of my new logo/Monogram- yet to be developed.
My new Logo

I have a logo people know me with, it was created since my 4th year in school  but all of a sudden I thought it didn't just  fit to be used for a fashion line, So I came up with the new one above.
The one for architecture

Wish me God's grace.

This is Welcome.

I not only welcome you to this site, but myself also. It welcome to me not because it's my first time blogging but because, I am blogging for a different reason. I blogged at shesearches@blogspot.com, which was an online journal but move it to an entirely different site- WordPress  I changed (re-branded) the  the  shesearches@blogspot.com to this which I intend to use purely for design purposes.

I am an architect by training and a creative and innovative person by nature. My start might not be fantastic, but I had to convince myself to just start. I believe I'll surely get better for it as the days go by.