Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cautious Me

Now I'm being very cautious writing here since DO told me he goes through my blog whenever he has the opportunity to. He even knows my blog address off-hand...I don't even know my address.

It might not be news then that I'm getting to like him more and more each day. He's the same one I talked about here. But then, here is the catch, he want me to be his girlfriend, actually girlfriend number two. Cause he already has one. I for one don't buy the idea. Why? Because One, I can't and will never be woman number two. It's either I'm number one (and only) or nothing. Two, Like he told me-when I told him he couldn't keep two girlfriends, he said he could not just let his girlfriend go cos he had invested alot in the relationship  What does that imply? Your guess is as good as mine.

My Values:

I really never want to be the reason someone would break up with the person he once claimed to love...cause it all points to the fact that you either don't know what love really is or you just want to try "love" with me and probably you would want to try with another after me- cos I strongly believe in Karma.

Back to the gist....

I'm getting really fond of DO I'm already seeing him in my dreams -night dreams(..cos I see alot in my day dreams lol!). Going a whole weekend without hearing from him can just be described as a terrible weekend. That brings me to another Topic-ME....of course it's always about me.

Seriously, it brings me to something I have noticed about myself, It's about this need to be with someone (to not be alone)...to have someone I can call my own..Yes, My Own. I crave for it so much. I'm surely not cut out for a life of single-hood. I see some people screaming: "I'm single and loving it!" Hell! How do they do that.?

I just want to be loved-real good! by a man (no lele things oh!)

PS: I already have so much love from family but that seems not to be enough. Maybe I should see a shrink? What do you think?