Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Children need love all the time

On my way home yesterday, at Ajah park, before boarding an vehicle that would take me to my final bus-stop, I stopped by at a place I normally buy oranges in the park- actually two boys stay there, and it didn't use to matter who I bought from as far as I was buying three oranges for 50 naira. So on this night, I went first to the boy (A) whose oranges looked smaller, but he told me they were 2 for 50 naira. I got vexed and turned to his neighbor (B) and bought from him instead-the same two for 50 naira. I gave (B) a hundred naira note. He did not have change, so he had to ask his neighbor (A) , who lend him the 50 bucks. I took my change, but something pricked me and I turned again to buy with the change from the first boy (A) who I had ignored.

The truth was that I felt bad that I could treat a small boy so, I was hoping he didn't feel rejected by that action of  mine. How old could he possibly have been -10 or thereabout, and see the treatment I was giving him. It's surely not his faults that his oranges were slightly smaller than those of his neighbour. The treatment I gave him I would term harsh. Children need love all the time. What am I saying sef? I just guess it's been a while I wrote, so this bla bla bla. Thanks for reading1