Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Waka!

The other day I was going for a wedding. I had serious thoughts on how to convey myself there. The options were, A bus-danfo, a cab, a bike-okada. and of course, my legs-I have no car. I seriously had to weight my options cos and obviously, money is not plenty. lol at that.

Long and short of the gist, I used a bus(es) in getting there.

It was ecomomical, that I don't need to explain.
It was also safe- not like using a bike.

These were the two pluses in my choice, and they were at the expenses of my Rep (I do have a reputation you know), my comfort and my patience (time).

My rep was tanished tainted that day. Why? Ok I was sitted in the bus by the window side and somehow I glanced out of it to the vehicle on the other lane. It was a yellow cab and in it, I saw a former classmate. Immediately, I turn my head back to my phone. Kai! I don fall my hand! Thank Goodness I wasn't in those very big buses filled with market goods. I hope she didn't see me, we are not friends at all though. Also, my dress was not bus appropriate (lol) Anyways, I toned in down. How? By wearing flat shoes -had the intention of changing when I got to the venue.

Convenience.... I suffered oh! From one danfo to another, I for just bone charter taxi! One of the "numerous" buses I entered, from CMS to Orile, was these big ones that usually carry traders and their goods, tomatoes, pepper and the likes. Luckily sha, this one didn't carry them, but it still felt awkward.

Time... If I had flown a bike, I woudn't have been caught up in these stupid Lagos traffic...or waiting for the bus to get filled with passengers. A cab won't need to wait for it to get filled too. It took me a lifetime to get to the venue.

But then I got to the venue in piece (Not peace oh) cos I had a serious quarrel with one annoying bus conductor and in the annoyance lost my new bracelet and didn't notice it was missing till at the venue.

*Clearing my throat* At the venue, another wahala- where to change my shoes and possible do some retouch of my makeup..I WISH I HAD A CAR!

Finally, the wedding was fun. Reunited with come colleagues.
Then the journey back was less stressful, cos I got a free ride to a very resonable distance.

Pics from teh wedding...