Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something I wished for.

Since my Secondary school days, I'd wished I had an elder sibling. It's not like the task of being a senior was too much, but I wished I could be taken care of too. BTW, I wasn't/am still not a great first born child. I don't intend selling my birthright though.

I'd always imagined what it was like to have an elder sister or brother. I'm sure I won't have done most of the s**t I've done cos they would have put a check on me. They would have put a closer eye than my parent did.

Recently, when I got acquainted with OB's sister, I started to imagine her as being my own sister. It had nothing to do with me going out with her brother. Ofcourse there are somethings about her I really don't fancy, but I just feel this attraction towards her-not lesbian things oh. 

She still scares me, but the little time we talked I was able to *what's the word?* relate with her! No that doesn't sound right. 

Anyways, I really wish she was my friend. She's intelligent and smart.