Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Arranging my thoughts

He calls her "My Own". That was his special name for her, he still calls her that now, even though he tries to call her by her real name when talking to me(mostly comparing me to her). Before I met him I understood she gave him the phone he was using cos probably he couldn't afford to buy one for himself. This phone has lots of her pictures in its memory card. Ofcourse he can't delete the pictures because he claims he would return the phone in due time.

Along the line, His Mum gives him another phone for his birthday, He removes the memory card from the previous phone and inserts it in this new one- still full of her pictures.

Yet again, he get a bigger phone -a BB, still again he migrates that same memory card with all the pictures.

He doesn't have a picture of me in his phone, But then he calls her his ex, and me his babe, sometimes wife. He gets terribly angry when I ask about her. Sometimes he says he left cos she was fat  othertimes, cos she was not a tidy person, sometimes because of distance. Distance? He told me she's in lagos. So what has distance got to do with it?

I always ask because, the answers don't seem convincing enough. the reason is because anytime he lies, he finds it hard to make eye contact and then he stutters. That is what he does anytime I ask him.

Along the line (a slip of his sister's tongue) I found out she has been in London. She was around lately though, I saw signs when I went there in June- I saw some of her clothing and the script I wrote about in one of my recent posts. He denied her being present-when I showed him the facts and evidences, he had to confess that she comes around the house,of course passing the night(s). That was when I made up my mind to call it off finally. He was not mine. He was hers.

If he was really not seeing her anymore, I'm sure he would have just bought a new memory card, after all 
how much is it?

He always talks of how boxed up she is. Her dad works with NNPC and bla bla bla, She works in a bank, She gives him money. Money! Maybe that was it, Money! What a shame if you ask me. A man following a woman for money is really very shameful (my opinion pls). 

So I'm just wondering who he is using, either he's using me or he's using her. Anyway, I don't wish to be used by anyone.

But then I get confused because of the way he "pushes" me to associate with his family. What is he up to?

Before his sister became friendly with me, she used to scare the crap outta me. But he tells me to better start getting use to her cos I'll be seeing her for a long time. brb