Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Names I have in mind for my Kids

Dubem..... I love this name. It will be the name of my first son. It means "Lead me". The full name is Chukwudubem- God lead/direct me. Isn't it a perfect name? I strongly believe in a persons name following him/her (including our president, he's obviously been having Good luck though it doesn't transcend to us).

My first daughter will be Amara. Aside from the meaning (even before I knew the meaning), I've loved the name  because all the ladies I know who bear this name are beautiful, and have this calm disposition, like they are at peace with their person and the world. Amara means "Grace"- you see! Wonderful meaning. For the full name between Amarachukwu or Amarachi, I don't know which exact one to choose. BTW, I don't want the names of my kids to be too long that it would not fit into forms with limited boxes- if you know what I mean!

For now, I want to have two kids. This is just because I want to give them the best of everything. God will bless me with the resources to go as much as four. Amen!