Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Friday, May 11, 2012

For the Ladies.....though I don't agree 100%

I got this from someone and I quite agree with some issues.

I hear a lot of women talking about how “There are no good men”. Well quite frankly I’m tired ofhearing that. Its time for a reality check. See when a woman goes to a pastor, family members or abest friend (usually some other bitter bitch) forrelationship advice, she’s given advice that ismeant to comfort her and not give her the truth.Getting advice from one of those aforementionedpeople is pretty useless because they are givingadvice that is meant to make a woman feel betteraboutherself and not give her what she actually needs tohear. This is especially true when a woman listensto her girlfriends who themselves are manless, aredating a loser and/or are whores. It’s like the blindleading the blind…over a cliff and into a meatgrinder. The truth hurts and no one wants to giveadvice out that might make someone feel evenshittier than they already do. I, however, have noqualms about doing that. Ladies, the reason youcan’t find/keep a good man is because YOU are theproblem. It’s that simple. Women almost neveraccept responsibility for their own fuckups when itcomes to relationships and even when theyattempt to, it’s usually just some scapegoat way ofblaming the guy i.e. “I was stupid for thinking thathe was a good guy”.Let’s see. You’re approaching 30, you’ve been inand out of relationships, every time you think youmeet a good guy it falls apart… seriously, at whatpoint do you stop blaming it on men and startdoing some self examination? The real commondenominator in your failures is you.Now let me explain why you can’t keep a man. It’sactually very simple. You can’t keep a manbecause you don’t try to keep a man. First off,women have started to believe this myth that theyare somehow simple to please whereas men arecomplicated. It’s the opposite. When it comes torelationships, women can’t even figure out forthemselves what they want and they want men tobe overnight experts. Men on the other hand arevery simple creatures. A relationship to us is asimple cost benefit analysis: Does our time andmoney bring us a reasonable set of benefits?Women don’t seem to be aware of the sacrificesmen make to try to please them. Let me breakdown the money and time parts for you:MoneyI’m convinced women don’t know, don’tappreciate or don’t care how much money a mantypically burns on trying to keep them happy. Let’sbreak down with some very conservative andbasic numbers. Let’s say a man takes a womanout once a week for dinner and a movie. A dinnerat a decent restaurant (Non-chain) is going to runyou about N2k – N3k. That doesn’t include anyalcoholic beverages. Including drinks and tip,you’re looking at about N8k – N9k. Movie ticketsfor two will run you N3k and add an extra N1000 ifthere are snacks involved. You’re looking at aboutN8k – N12k a week, N32k – N48k a month. That’sN96k – N112k every 3 months. That’s a damnmortgage payment. And that’s just dinner and amovie once a week. That doesn’t includebirthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day,anniversaries, etc. Now I know the typical womanresponse is “But I spend about that much forclothes, hair and other things I do for you.”Bullshit. This isn’t like doing your taxes. You can’twrite off your everyday, normal expenses. Its noteven in the same ballpark.TimeOur entire lives, men are raised to be keepers oftheir own time. As little boys we are in essenceraised to take care of ourselves and do what wewant with our time. Being in a relationship meansa lot of sacrificing of that freedom. We have to siton the phone and talk about how fucked up yourday was. We have to deal with the bullshit dramathat you get yourself into when you hang out withbitches that aren’t really your friends but you’reeither too stupid to see it or completely unwilling tochange it (Yet we have to hear you bitch about ourfriends). Even when we stay in and you comeover, we have to deal with you sitting thereinterrupting and disturbing our “fortress ofsolitude” by asking questions and wanting to “talk”while the game is on. But we deal with it.No, we don’t enjoy talking to you for hours onend. Yeah, we might tell you we do, but we don’t.See, when we hang out with our boys and bitchabout things, if we’re told “Damn dude, that wasfucking stupid, don’t do that”, we don’t cry aboutthat being too harsh, we take the advice.However in a relationship with women, we haveto hear you bitch about stupid shit going on withyou and then watch as you refuse to take ouradvice. Then 2 weeks later we’re right back wherewe started and have to listen to the bullshit overagain. It’s a complete waste of our time but weknow we have to do it so we suck it up and dealwith it.So this is typically what happens.A woman meetsa nice guy; they hit it off and start dating. It startsoff wonderful. (cont'd)or hours on the phone, hetakes her outand things really seem to be meshing. Then afterabout 3 – 4 months, things start to change. Theydon’t go out as much, he spends more time withhis boys/watching the game/playing Xbox, theydon’t talk as much and he feels more distant. Afterabout 6 months there’s a noticeable change andthings fall apart and a woman is left wondering“What the hell happened?” What happened wasthe guy did a cost-benefit analysis and the resultsweren’t in your favor. A man has put in his timeand his money and he’s looked into what exactlyhe’s getting back from it and the answer was “Notmuch.” This always happens. Talk to any womanand she’ll say “Things started off great but after afew months he changed.” Look, he didn’t change…he got bored. Relationships are like hourglass sandtimers. If you don’t switch things up, the sand willrun out and it’ll be over. Let’s be frank, the onlybenefit most women are providing to a man is asteady supply of sex and that’s not going to cut itin the long run. Sex has a 3 month shelf life beforeit becomes just another thing to do. Women havefallen into this mindset that all a man needs to behappy is good sex. *sigh* Please. That might getyou in the door, but you’ll be quickly ushered out ifthat’s all you’re bringing to the table. First andforemost, your pussy devalues over time muchlike the way a new car depreciates in value themoment you drive it off the lot. Also, much like acar, newer models come out all the time and yourpussy is replaceable. There’s nothing a woman cando to stop this. Sure you can switch things up inthe bedroom and make things more “exciting” butall that does is postpone the inevitable. So, in orderto keep your man you need more than just sex.Any woman can provide a man with sex, whatyou want is something that you can provide thatmost woman can’t or won’t. Again, men aresimple creatures; we don’t need or ask for much:Cook - The new trend with women these daysseems to be that a lot of them eithercan’t cook or they don’t cook for their man. Thesaying “The way to a man’s heart isthrough is stomach” is one of the few sayings thatis actually true. Cooking is such a basic survivalskill I’m baffled by ANYONE who says they can’tcook. It’s not rocket science here people. If you canput together a banging ass meal at least 2 times amonth, I’m telling you…your man isn’t leavingyou.Cater to him – When you had a rough day we’reexpected to rub your feet, get youdinner and generally sit around and listen throughyour bitch fest. Is it too much toask that when we come home from a hard dayand have a headache that you comeover and take care of us? I’m not saying this has tobe a one-to-one thing, but everyonce in a while it makes a man feel good to be ableto come relax and not have to worry aboutanything because his girl is going to take care ofhim. Think about it.Women always have a laundry list of things theirman should be doing for them…buthow many of them can truly list things they do totake care of their man (That don’tinvolve sex).Learn about his hobby and engage in it with him–If your man loves football, learnabout football. That doesn’t mean asking him toteach you about it or asking 50 million questions inthe middle of the game. Go to the library or Googleor your father/uncles/brothers and learn fromthem. You don’t have to love it or even like it butyou have to pretend. Hell, we do it all the time withyou. We don’t like shopping with you, dealing withyour emotional outbursts or half the shit we dowith you…but we pretend. A little reciprocitywould be nice. Learning from someone else otherthan him shows that you care. We have to showwe care about things you do all the time so it onlymakes sense that you return the favor. Trust me,you show some form of interest in what he isdoing and it’ll be easier to get him to take a breakfrom it.Hit the gym - It might seem trivial but the truth isyour looks matter. As a matter of fact, any manthat says he doesn’t care about his woman’s looksneeds to have hissexuality checked. Men want the trophy wife/girlfriend. If your man is going to the gym andworking out and you’re not, just go ahead andstart preparing yourself for the break up.Look, your bullshit tofu-only diet might make youdrop some weight but its not getting you in shape.When your man goes to the gym, he seeswomen that are either working out with their manor just working out for themselves. Immediatelyhe thinks “why doesn’t my girl do that?” All it takesis one friendly conversation with a single lady whois working out at the gym for your man to startthinking “Damn, why am I notsleeping with this chick?” Beside that it also showsthat you actually care about your own health. Awoman that is working out now is more likely tokeep that up after she’s pumped out some kids.That’s a huge plus to a man. There’s a recurringtheme with the things I mentioned. If you don’tcook or cater to your man or hit the gym, someother woman will. Men attract the most womenwhen they are in a relationship. Otherwomen are gunning for your man and if youaren’t bringing anything to the table you will losehim. It’s a myth that men are afraid ofcommitment. Most men don’t mind commitmentwhen it comes to a woman that handles herbusiness. Men are just overly cautious aboutcommitment because the whole purpose of beingin a relationship with a woman is to eventually getmarried. So if a woman isn’t really bringing muchto the table now, why the hell would he want tocommit long term to that? We recognize andappreciate women who hold it down. All menhave that one friend that is deeply committed tohis great girlfriend/wife. We clown him excessivelyfor being whipped but we would NEVER try to gethim to break up with her because we all knowshe’s good for him. When we come over to watchthe game, she’s there wearing a jersey, cookingfood and handing out beers. Or she can kick hisass in Halo 3 and in essence makes all her man’sfriends jealous that he has such a great womanwhile their girl is bringingnothing. Why does she do that? Because sheknows if she doesn’t do it, some otherwoman will be.Now I’m sure some woman will hit back with “Ohthere’s things yall need to do too” and that’s true.However, there’s two things with that. First off,some women have a knack for dealing with menthey know they shouldn’t. If you’re going for the“thug type” then don’t bitch when shit doesn’twork out. You know when a man isn’t a goodmatch for you, but you convince yourself that youcan change him. Let me be very clear with this:You Can’t!!! Stop wasting your time and trying.Secondly, while good men out there do need tostay up on their game, the numbers work waybetter in our favor. There are more women thanmen so if a man fucks up with a good woman, hestill has a good chance of finding another goodwoman. I’m not condoning a man’s fuckups, I’m just acknowledging that the field is muchsmaller for women. Due to thiswomen have to make themselves irreplaceable.Most women have dated good guys but it doesn’twork out because they don’t put in work into it (Orthey dated someone they knew they shouldn’thave…which is another topic). You can’t have a listof criteria of what a man should do and thenexpect the only thing you have to do is give up thevajayjay. You’ve been trying that way for a minuteand it hasn’t work. Don’t you think its about timeto switch it up?