Friday, April 13, 2012

When will it be my turn?

Logged on to Facebook this morning and guess what stared me in the face? Traditional wedding pictures of a colleague in school. What struck me was that I didn't see it coming-like you know when girls start posting pictures of their boyfriends/fiancee on Facebook. But she didn't do any of that. she was coded which is cool. 

Another thing that struck is that I'm way older than her and I felt this pinch like, Chioma what are you  doing wrong? 

Anyways I'm not in a hurry besides I've not seen the one I like who thinks I'm worthy to become his wife. So, I'm just chilling till then. But when it would really hurt is when my younger sisters, who are of age now, start getting married. My mum has already told my immediate younger one not to wait for me(that thought still hurts). I've even told her myself not to wait for me. 

I'll settle when I find someone close to what I need.My Dad told me two years ago that there was no perfect person (that I know). He also said if I see someone who scores like 3/10, that the person is good enough and we can grow and improve ourselves. My Mum was there that day and she was like noooo oh! 3 is too low. 4/10 is ok! So I'm still waiting for "my" 4/10. 

...still sailing, Wish me luck!