Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blessed givers

Got to the office today in a wonderful mood reasons:
1. I decided (on Sunday-two days ago) to start being serious at work starting Yesterday-Monday.
2. I did not miss my free ride like yesterday ..and I got a prospective PP- ie something to put some extra change in my pocket.
3. I felt comfortable in the clothes I put on, unlike yesterday while rushing to catch the free ride, I mistakenly put on my clothes inside out. also the clothes didn't really match.

Ok! So I was in a wonderful mood today.
Got to the office and started watching a movie (wrong way to start) till DO came and guess what? He got me a pack of juice. I was like Whoa! (should I be writing this, I don't know, I just feel like it's been a while since I wrote something here!)

Anyways I was really surprised, considering I yabbed him alot yesterday or did I? His a nice guy sha...and shy.

I'll call her NB, she's a colleague of mine, beautiful but smallish with a killer figure. I think DO likes her, too bad, she's taken. That's BTW, so she came in and gave me a perfume. Whoa! again....  fragrance was tight men!

I'm really blessed. I feel blessed and loved, yeah loved.

Also umbrellas were distributed in the office, so I got one-another gift. (boring story ba?)

Looks like stories of OB seem to be more interesting. Anyway, he's annoyed me enough that I don't think he deserve to be written about. He's just a Libra to the bone marrow. I was reading about stars and their characteristics last weekend and OB is like I said a true libra. ..and honestly I don't think I can cope or tolerate that attitude. So I rather back out now and start chasing a new cause or course (whatever!). Libra's are talk, talk talk, no action. Flirty by nature, just love having fun. They have class though and make friends with people with class too.

Gat to get back to work, Later.