Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new attraction

I can't remember if I wrote about OB and the girl(J) in his office he always used to talk about till it went to the extent of him kissing her. Now I understand what it means to start developing affections for someone you spend lots of time with. 

Ok, the thing is that I fear it's happening to me now. There's this guy in my office whom I am getting fond of. He's nice, generous (he got me Mars chocolate and pringles yesterday) and really ambitious. It shows in the way he commits to his work. I really wish i could be like him in that area.

 Today, even my "play play husband" in the office started asking questions querying the closeness between I and him-I'll call him DO. Cos we went out to lunch together under the rain...and you know what rain does to people. Lol at me.

I come to work really early, that you know, and he comes really early too. So whenever I get to the office I keep wishing he does not take ages in showing up. He has this kinda shy look about him. And,(lol!) the elderly colleague by work station just smiles anytime he sees me with DO.

Ok that the end f my story, Lunch's over, I need to get back to work.

In summary, I'm not one who cheats!