Thursday, March 15, 2012

The break up..i think

I've had this note on my phone since January, but after what happened today I decided to put it up. My intention was that I'ld break up with him, but somehow we did not break up. 

The note of January

Now OB is officially gone. This is cos he has finally publicised his picture with juliet on facebook. I asked him though and he said it was during their end of year party. It will really be dumb of me to believe that line. I feel bad for being dumped but I try to look at the bright side of it all. I will now commit less sin cos he's gone. Now it's just me by myself. With a couple of guys who like me but don't get the same reaction from me. I'll work on that. I'll bring out the flirty part of me(if it really exists). It's just that when I like someone romantically, it's hard to like someone else the same way. And if I don't like you romantically, really can't hide it either. That person tends to irritate me. But now with OB gone, I'll see that I improve on that other side of me.


But today, I asked OB if he felt we were working and he replied that he was tired of my asking that question all the time. Yes, I've asked the question alot, but he never answered me. He later asked if I wanted to go and I said yes, then he logged out.

He called by phone twice, but I was in the restroom and did not have the call credit to return the call. (even if I had, I won't call him).