Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I came to the office in a black and white dress. and a red bag. I looked good. When I logged into Facebook, I don't know what took me to OB's page. I don't know! I really feel sad because while I was browsing through his profile, Emeka sent me my 1st Val's day message. I really feel like crying. (Yesterday, Dare asked me to be his Val. How do I reply that?) I'm in love with OB and I was thinking today that I should fight for what I love.  I'll fight but not because of all the girls flocking him but because I know he can be a better and more influential person. I'll fight the way I know how-with prayers. OB must improve in Jesus name (Yeah! Just got my 2nd message from Elohor Ovadje) OB, Please stop causing me heartache, even with the picture of J you uploaded weeks ago and you keep saying nothing is amiss. Please if you are not in love with me any more, let me know please. My heart aches! It really aches from all the pain and stress and "unlove" I get. Free me if you wilt!

Guess what? He just called. Ob called! Although I didn't talk long because I guess he perceived I was not in a wonderful location to talk.