Friday, February 3, 2012

These thoughts of mine!!

This blog that is filled with man-man things! One part of me wants to delete them but the other part of me wants to leave them; because they would serve as a reminder, to remind me of how I felt at those times in my life. I know when I look back at them; I’ll smile and say “was that me”!  Even now I smile at some stuff I’d written before lol!  You need to see me know, I’m smiling from ear to ear writing this because I can vividly remember myself as a kid. I was something else oh! ‘Trouble lover” would describe the child I was then. But now, things have changed; I have changed….and still changing.
Like my blog says (which I edit ones in a while), I’m in search. “In search of that total completeness”. I have God already though but not as much as I ought to have him. But there is just still that “something” missing and I am the only one who can discover it for myself. Nobody can do it for me!
I want to have fun and I want to live and not just exist. But something keeps holding me back. I’ll find what it is and break it, and then I’ll be free. Free to love like I have never been hurt, free to give like I own the world and free to live like I was a “god”, through the grace of the “mighty G”