Thursday, February 2, 2012


I came across this in my (book) journal of 6th April 2011.

6th April 2011.
Tomorrow, I will be 27 years old. I actually wanted to put this note on the web (my blog), but due to circumstances, I can’t.
This is just to thank God for his goodness and faithfulness in my life.
When I was 8 or so, I remember vividly on one particular occasion, I and a childhood friend of mine (Teni) went in search of our brothers. On the way, we stopped to play with this plant called touch-me-not. We were so carried away with the fun of touching the plant with our sticks. These touch-me-not plants were spread along a big ditch and we were touching as we went until we got to a part where the plants were in abundance. You could see excitement written all over our faces. - Unknown to us that there was someone lying underneath these. We were joyfully hitting till we disturbed the creature out of his resting place. The dog chased us both, because we were running in the same direction till we separated and he concentrated on Me. You needed to see me as I ran for my dear life. Unfortunately, as I ran, lo and behold a solid wall in front of me…..and the rest is history. LOL at that.
Back to my story, I ran until I met the solid wall and when I discovered there was nowhere to run I gave up. The dog charged at me and bit me on my leg (the scar is still there till this day). I was a Tomboy, so I manned up, or should I say boyyed up, and we continued on our earlier mission- to find our brothers. We had an idea where they (our brothers) would be so we went there. In front of our destination, there was a lime tree. We plucked some limes and applied it to the bite and that was the end of it. I didn’t tell my Mum or Dad. Now, What if the Dog had rabbies?
Another Occasion comes to mind. That was in my second year at the University, my Church faculty association went on a picnic to a river (Adada river) in Enugu State. Mind you, I have never been there before. After dancing to some great music, it was time to jump into the water and have fun. Trust me, I like to show myself (I’m humble though) that I was a good swimmer. I swam to the extreme part of the river (I doubt anyone was watching me) on getting there, I decided to rest and get my strength back before swimming back. Unfortunately, that end was deep(did I say deep, It should be f…ing deep) and bad a thing again I am not a terrific floater, So I tried swimming back to base(the distance was really great), and all my energy was gone, I was already admitting to myself that I was going to drown. I can’t even remember saying any last prayer.
There was this guy at the deep end too, maybe he noticed, he gave me a push and somehow I found my feet and stood on them. I looked back at where I was from and then at the people playing in the shallow end. I was dumbfounded and shocked…I could have died!
God, you are awesome. This event I told my mum about and she was like I should be very careful next time and other advising stuff and that if I had died there, I would have been buried at the river bank. God!! I love you.
These are two major events that would have claimed my life, not to mention the numerous electric shocks and suffocations from licking sugar etc.
God has really been merciful to me and I can’t think of any good thing I have done for him.