Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 (1)

When I logged onto my blog, my intention was to write about my new found love OB. But I'd rather wait till.....later. Presently, we are going through a lot of challenges and it makes me wonder (now I am humming "wonder" by Fela).

Anyways, Yesterday, 10-11-2011, I had an interview with The Film House people. There, I met Kene, who was trying to be realistic with me in terms of how much they could pay me.The truth is I am already on a level where I have no intention of stepping down from. I would have loved to work for you guys sha! The day before yesterday also, I had another interview, with DKR Associates, I went there with my Port folio, which they have been requesting me to bring for ages now. Arc. Remi said he needed the other partners to go through it then they would get back to me. He told me to give them one week.. and that I would definitely hear from them before Christmas.

I need these jobs, either one. this is because I have some goals which I have set for myself and the first step to achieving those goals is to change job.......and accommodation. That brings me to another topic which I will leave for another day.


....hey wait, on my way to the interview with DKR Associates, I came across Uche, the guy I wrote about in some previous posts. So sad, he lost his job some months ago and hasn't found one yet. I felt really sorry for him cos he wasn't looking like the fly guy he once was. Na wa for our Country oh! Why is it so had to find jobs?

Uche, I pray for you...e go beta