Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I feel?

I feel like I'm temporarily on my own... and hoping that things work out for the better.

I started developing feeling for him (Uche, the Insurance guy) from the day I said yes to his proposal ( not marriage). Though I said yes because I was just lonely and scared....and he seemed Ok. 

How it started?  We were just friends, he always made some comments (moves according to him)but I never really paid attention to them cos there was this other guy (Tony) I liked (Let's leave the story of this other guy for another day).  But then why should I pay attention, afterall he said he was engaged then later he said he was married. I don't date married men, I can only allow them pay for my meal. 

Though I enjoyed and looked forward to his company even though I kept him waiting most of the time. One one particular day I told him something confidential concerning this other guy Tony and he was dissapointed with me. He was like all the while he has been making advances and I have been "fooling" myself around. Anyway, I sharply decided to "dump" Tony and go with him instead, cos logically, It seemed wiser. That I guess was my mistake, cos I should have still "posed" small before saying yes to him. 

Now he doesn't call and I am not desperate , so I let thing be as they are.

I can't and won't force myself on any man.